Private Clients

FIVELEX has a long track record of experience in advising private clients through its multi-practice team of professionals and established collaborative relationships with very high profile public notaries and tax advisors that enable the Firm to provide comprehensive advice on all areas of interest to private clients.

In particular, FIVELEX provides counsel in preparing and managing generational transfer to enable business owners to adopt adequate company succession plans that pursue the best interests of both the family and the business.

FIVELEX also provides advice on company restructuring transactions, with regard to both the business development, reorganisation and expansion phases and any financial distress or insolvency situations.

FIVELEX also advises its clients in succession and restructuring processes that involve companies or corporate groups located in multiple countries, drawing on its international network of law firms, with which it has formed strong, productive collaborative relationships over the years.

The professionals at FIVELEX advise clients in this area by using the most appropriate technical mechanisms and combining the various forms of action available so as to offer fully bespoke solutions, including:

• revision of articles of association;
• drafting of donations and wills;
• drafting of family agreements (patti di famiglia) and shareholders’ agreements;
• structuring, implementation and reorganisation of corporate groups;
• establishment of trusts and funds.


FIVELEX has extensive experience in advising its clients on the various aspects of personal data protection.

In particular, FIVELEX regularly advises industrial companies and financial institutions in adapting their internal procedures and contracts to applicable legislation on personal data protection, managing data breach events, cookies and training their personnel.

The professionals at FIVELEX are also appreciated by clients for their multi-practice approach to personal data protection, thanks to their expertise in this area.