Banking and financial litigation

In banking and financial litigation, FIVELEX advises credit institutions, insurance companies and financial operators in all phases and degrees of ordinary and special proceedings.

FIVELEX has significant experience in this field, and in the following areas in particular:

disputes relating to banking transactions, relationships and services and/or those provided by and/or for credit institutions, such as credit facilities, loans, pledges, mortgages, safety deposit boxes and claims relating to usury and the charging of compound interest by banks;
disputes concerning credit instruments;
disputes regarding autonomous, first-demand guarantees and their validity or enforcement;
disputes pertaining to financial transactions (including factoring, leases and loan securitisation);
disputes relating to contracts governing matters of finance law and the validity and/or breach of such contracts, as well as the related restitution and/or compensation suits, including with regard to asset management, derivative instruments and investment funds;
disputes regarding financial insurance products (in particular, index-linked and unit-linked policies);
disputes between financial operators and credit institutions, including with regard to matters of unfair competition and/or poaching of employees and/or clients.