FIVELEX has broad experience with arbitration of both an administered and ad hoc nature, in which its professionals are frequently called on to act as arbitrators or counsel.

In arbitration, FIVELEX advises listed and unlisted companies and groups, ranging from large companies and groups to SMEs, based in Italy and abroad, and individuals in all phases and degrees of arbitration proceedings, in addition to providing advice in trials before the courts seeking recognition in Italy of foreign arbitration awards, in both the recognition phase pursuant to Art. 839 of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure and any opposition phase pursuant to Art. 840 of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure.

Drawing on their expertise in all areas of private law, FIVELEX’s professionals are capable of handling the most complex and delicate arbitration proceedings, including:

liability actions against members of corporate bodies, whether brought by the company, minority shareholders, individual shareholders or third parties, or by bankruptcy receivers or other insolvency officials;
arbitration proceedings relating to merger, acquisition and demerger contracts and shareholders’ agreements;
appeals against resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting and board of directors and compensation for damages caused by flawed resolutions;
arbitration proceedings relating to the removal of company directors;
arbitration proceedings relating to the settlement of the value of an equity interest in a company upon withdrawal;
arbitration proceedings regarding contracts of a commercial, banking and financial nature;
arbitration proceedings concerning compensation for damages of all kinds (financial and non-financial, including damages to mental and physical wellbeing) due to liability in tort, including damages due to industrial activity;
arbitration proceedings relating to succession matters.